We Are Social

Once Upon A Time
In Athens

  • 2016

    Company kick-off with a team of three people.

  • 2016 and a half year

    Two more collaborators added to the roster. ViRA starts conducting development workshops as well.

  • 2017

    Our collaborator network keeps expanding. ViRA now sponsors and organizes game development oriented events too, apparently.

  • 2017ish - 2018

    Another two people abroad the ViRA boat. We hired those. For real.

  • 2019

    We want to thank our parents, partners and clients for their trust. We’ll keep going!

  • 2081

    Hopefully dead but definitely famous. Dystopian futures love virtual reality!

Why Choose Us
In Particular

We design and develop custom applications from scratch, I mean who does THAT? Ok, you caught us we aren’t the only ones, that was an advertising trick. However, we analyse the client’s needs thoroughly and proceed with research and development in the design of tailor-made applications. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the design process in order to ensure that the final product will fit their needs like a glove (a sci-fiesque / cyberpunk one). Due to our personnel’s expertise in a variety of fields, ranging from software engineering and A.I, to architecture engineering and sound design, and from game development to marketing, flawless communication with the client and understanding of their requirements is ensured. Unless the client is a wizard. Why would a wizard need XR anyway?

Who you are

So far…….