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What We do

We design and develop custom extended reality applications (XR). Depending on the app’s scope we make use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality. We also develop custom software for desktop or mobile, interactive installations that incorporate physical elements, also make use of body tracking devices and other sensors.

Why Need It

Apart from the cliche “the future is here”, we have thought of a bunch of reasons why these technologies are essential in the aforementioned fields. The sense of immersion and presence is an excellent boost in educational applications, as well as training and therapy oriented simulators, helping users assimilate information, while allowing trainers to evaluate the process.

The creation of virtual interactive walkthroughs is a powerful tool in showcasing the entirety of an engine room, a piece of machinery, a building, or even city, where still-renders offer limited perception. Number has it that the integration of extended reality practices in marketing campaigns is bound to increase sales and expand a company’s clientele, as XR can be used in the creation of engaging, innovative, amusing and breathtaking experiences, along with experiences that are probably characterized by other cool adjectives too.

Who Needs It

We don’t want to exaggerate, so we will refrain from writing “pretty much everyone”, and refer instead to the fields of Engineering, Construction and Architecture, as much as Maritime and Naval Services, but also Research, Medicine and Pharmaceutics, and of course Advertising and Marketing, and last but not least Education and Culture.

What We Do

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