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Virtual Reality Application Development

Virtual reality applications offer the unique experience of immersion, in a vast variety of fields. We take advantage of the possibilities that virtual reality offers in order to create a new world that answers to your needs.



Virtual Reality 360 Video

Besides modeling and rendering 3D virtual spaces, we can also record and present any physical space of your choice using 360 video or photo technology combined with VR.



Interactive Architectural Visualization

The three-dimensional rendering of architectural projects might have nowadays become common, but our team offers you the possibility to navigate, interact, alter and manipulate space in real time, through specially designed virtual reality applications for architecture.



Interactive Exhibition / Museum Visualization

The interactive virtual exhibition can serve as an alternative presentation medium and even preserve the exhibition ‘alive’ by transferring it from the physical space of a gallery or museum to your very own virtual environment. Moreover you are given the opportunity to configure your virtual exhibition space, in order to experiment different setups before altering the physical space.


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Interactive Installations for Corporate Events

Give your corporate event the originality it deserves, in order to promote your product in the most efficient and outstanding way.



Interactive Installations for Product or Service Launching

Present the new product or service of your company in a unique and impressive way, making it stand out from the very beginning. Come to us to discuss your needs and find the ideal solution for your company.


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Hybrid Art Installations

Based on our artistic background and experience of hybrid expressive media and by applying the wide array of technologies and tools we specialize in, we can assist artists in integrating innovative digital means into their artistic installations and projects.


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Game Development

We focus on alternative gaming methods and the integration of virtual reality into games regardless of their genre. Our goal is the exploration and utilization of new opportunities in the gaming industry, for the players to enjoy the best possible experience.