In The Visible City

In The Visible City

In The Visible City

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Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” composes, as a whole, a mysterious imaginary map, that unfolds to the reader as a source of endless inspiration, following at the same time a very special and intense narration.

In the project In the Visible City, the cities’ atmosphere is interpreted and outlined through the perspective of a dynamically alternating landscape, which is based on common structural and conceptual elements that emerge from Calvino’s novel while structuring a new city. The visitor has the opportunity to wander virtually therein, explore it, and leave his own mark, making himself part of the city.

The project In the Visible City is a virtual reality interactive installation, which gives to the visitor the chance to interact with it by developing a dialogue. In the mean-time, he has the opportunity not only to navigate through the virtual city, but to participate in the shaping of it in real time.


The project was presented at the conference dedicated to the Invisible Cities, organized by the Department of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens at the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens, on the 23rd and 24th of October, 2015.

Credits: ViRA