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"Enter NEKYIA" is the first video game released by NOUS VR + AV Productions

Enter NEKYIA Game is inspired by Pausanias’ description of Polygnotus’ fresco «Lesche of the Knidians» in Delphi, visualizing the map of NEKYA, 11th Rhapsody of Homer’s Odyssey where Ulysses descends to Hades, the world of the dead, in order to get direction about how to continue safely his journey to finally arrive at Ithaca, by Tiresias, the mythical priest.



Produced by NOUS VR + AV Productions – Innovative Social Solutions Ltd.

NOUS VR & AV Team:

Director: Nefeli Dimitriadi Game-designers: Nefeli Dimitriadi, Nikitas Bacharas Gameplay Programmers: Nefeli Dimitriadi, Nikitas Bacharas Art Director: Nikitas Bacharas Environment Artist: Nikitas Bacharas Character Designer : Nefeli Dimitriadi Sound Director: Nefeli Dimitriadi Lead Composer: Nefeli Dimitriadi Lead Sound Designer/In-Game: Nefeli Dimitriadi

Game & Sound Programming / Eurynomos Character / Visual Effects by ViRA | Virtual Reality Applications