Interactive Spaces

  • ArcelorMittal

    Arcelor Mittal

     This virtual reality interactive architectural visualization simulates the changes in the lighting of the building caused by the rotation of its facade elements.

  • Dimello

    Arcelor Mittal

    Promotional 360 Video, presenting the factory of Attica Terra Food and Drinks SA Company, where Dimello coffee is being produced.

  • Discovering Stoa of Attalos

    Discovering Stoa of Attalos

    This application deals with the different conservation methods applied in archaeological monuments.



    This interactive virtual reality application offers a virtual tour in a ship engine room where a new system is installed.

  • Interactive Spaces

  • Novartis (Hellas) SACI

    Arcelor Mittal

    These virtual reality educational simulators aim to raise awareness of the public on two serious yet common dermatological diseases.

  • Novartis (Hellas) SACI VR Gallery

    Arcelor Mittal

    This gallery aims to raise awareness concerning two common dermatological diseases.

  • Steel Beasts VR Demo

    Steel Beasts VR Demo

    A promotional virtual reality demo of the interiors of armoured vehicles used in the Steel Beasts Professional simulation.