About Us

ViRA | Virtual Reality Applications was established in 2016 in Athens - Greece, focusing on virtual reality and interactive applications. We combine the limitless possibilities of technology with artistic design, in the development of unique virtual reality experiences to meet our customers’ needs. ViRA’s aim is to fully comprehend the demand of each customer, in order to provide functional solutions in all circumstances, facing every challenge successfully.

Moreover, ViRA in collaboration with research and educational organizations, conducts seminars and workshops introducing the participants with the art of Game Design and Development, and providing them with the necessary techniques to create Virtual Reality Applications.

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Our Team

Our team’s training and professional experience includes fine arts, sound design, architecture and computer science, with skills and expertise on virtual reality technologies and applications, game design and implementation, 3D modelling, use of environmental sensors, networked applications, interactive real-time systems and performance.

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Christina Chrysanthopoulou



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Dimitris Trakas



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Renia Papathanasiou